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Black parents with their child

mumhive is an online community created to enable black mothers and fathers to connect, share experiences, ideas, have a laugh and find helpful information about the parenthood journey. As the African proverb says, it takes a village to raise a child and support a mother (that crucial last part is often forgotten). For the mothers before us, those mothering or parenting now and for the future mums, let this be your village; where you can turn to kinfolk anytime of day (or night).  

How quickly can you expect to get pregnant

By Rachel Gurevich, RN | Published 26 May 2020 | Last updated 26 May 2020 | Credit: www.verywellfamily.com

The timing of pregnancy can vary due to many factors, but what are your chances and how can you improve them?

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Getting Pregnant - A Visual Timeline of Implantation

By Lindsay Meisel | Published 01 Dec 2016 | Last updated 24 Oct 2018 | Credit: www.avawomen.com

Getting pregnant can be exciting, but also have it's challenges ...

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