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Hive Rules

Hive Chat Rules

Effective: May 1, 2021

Mumhive is the tribe where you can freely talk about everything under the sun with other black parents.

As with everything, we must have a few basic rules about how we expect people to behave in the hive. Please refrain from doing anything that may get you banned.

  1. Report anything that doesn’t look right
    We are not a pre-moderated forum, which means we rely on our users to report any posts that break chat rules.
    If you see anything that needs the attention of Mumhive's moderators – whether it be a thread in the wrong board, or content that may be in breach of our rules – please do report it via feedback@mumhive.com .
    We aim to read every thread and post but may not get round to them all. As our vision is to create a safe community for us as black mums and parents, we will rely on users to let us know about any posts that need our attention.
  2. Treat others as you would want to be treated
    We want everyone to feel safe in the hive.
  3. Disagree with the post, not the poster
    Everyone has different opinions, but that does not mean that they are open to being attacked by other Hive users.
  4. Bullying and anti-vaccination content will not be tolerated
    Mumhive is a place for chat, education, inspiration, and support. Bullies will be thrown out (virtually).
    Threads and posts containing anti-vaccination content will be removed and users banned.
  5. Trolls are not welcome
    If you are trolling, i.e., making stuff up to upset or get attention, people will figure it out and you will be banned.
  6. You are legally responsible for your posts
    Which means you may be held liable for any defamatory comments or threats. Threads about matters that are sub-judice may be deleted.
  7. Keep it clean
    There are plenty of places on the internet to get your rocks off, but Mumhive is not one of them. Please refrain from bashing any other groups whether be it skin colour, ethnicity, background, status, or anything your mum would not condone (the mum test!). We will tolerate hate speech and will delete posts that use language that is aggressive or hurtful. In addition, we will note repeat offenders to the relevant authorities.
  8. Do not create multiple accounts
    If you have more than one account, we will assume you’re up to no good and may ban all of your accounts.
  9. Look out for vulnerable members
    The world, and the internet, is a nicer place if we all look after one another. If you are worried about a user, please get in touch with the hive team at help@mumhive.com

Finally, in the friendliest way possible, we would like to remind everyone that on the chat forum, and as mum always said, it is our way or the highway.

Everyone who abides by the above rules is welcome on Mumhive, but if you cannot play nicely, you may be permanently banned from the site.

For information on our privacy policy and other legal stuff, look at our terms and conditions.

A note on posting as a professional

For legal reasons, members are asked not to post messages which offer advice from a professional point of view or in an official capacity (e.g., solicitors, midwives etc).

Anyone who works/has previously worked as a professional and wishes to post their opinion in the Mumhive forum should bear the following rules in mind:

  • Any opinion given should be given with the primary intention of providing support from a personal, not a professional, point of view.
  • While you are welcome to state your current/previous professional expertise, you should not use our boards as a way of promoting or advertising any services, business or website provided or used by yourself or others.
  • It should also be noted that the Mumhive is publicly viewable, and you may be held legally accountable for any post, however well-intentioned, which could result in harm or injury to another person. Mumhive members may be held liable for any defamatory comments, threats and untrue statements or other illegal and fraudulent claims made by them.
  • Any posts which are reported to us and are found to be against our website policies or forum rules will be removed.

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