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About Us

Why we created mumhive

Mumhive is an online community and forum where black mothers and fathers can come and share stories, advice and offer support to one and other through their motherhood and parenthood journey.

My name is Emily; I live in North London with my husband and two year old son. The idea came about during my pregnancy; after I joined an NCT group, attended weekly pre-natal yoga classes, bought every book and searched tirelessly for information specifically relating to black women, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond with diminishing returns. I also wanted to join an online community created by us and for us and couldn't find one without constraints. That need was amplified in 2020.

Having gone through the challenges of the global pandemic and the long overdue global awakening on systemic racism in 2020, I was compelled to create a space where we can come and talk openly and freely, share ideas, off load the daily stresses and feel comforted in the knowledge that there are others who not only experience similar challenges but deeply understand and can relate.

The goal was to establish the community outside of the control of social media platforms.

Let us create the online community where we can be authentic and thrive in; with those before us, those going through parenthood now, and those to come after us.

Should you have any questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to message us by email or complete the form on the site.

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